White Tea


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Product recommendation:: water temperature 70-80 ° C, brewing time 1-4 min.


Ideal storage temperature: Hermetically sealed in room temperatureless or in fridge less than 5°C

Specialty: health tea, organic tea, slimming tea

White Tea is a unique export tea of Fujian Province. The traditional making method of white tea is distinctive from other types of tea, without the process of roast and rolling. Dry tea leaves are covered with white pekoes, presents a silver white color, and the tea liquid has light color. Our high grade white teas has brisk and fresh aroma, heavy and mellow flavor with sweet aftertaste.


Traditionally the making of White Tea has two procedures: withering and drying, which are not distinct from each other. The withering of white tea takes a long time. Water in the fresh tea leaves gradually decline during withering, in the mean time tea leaves start to slowly change in appearance and inclusion. That’s how White Tea is made.


Because White Tea is exposed to only a small amount of processing, the leaves are subject to natural enzymatic breakdown by oxidation just like any other organic material. White Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container or even in a refrigerator. We recommend refrigeration which actually improves the taste of the tea, as well as making it last much longer. However, if refrigerated storage is used, the tea should be kept refrigerated at all times as successive warming and cooling will degrade the tea.